the bay area wilderness training mission:

To create equitable access to outdoor experiences for youth of color and low income youth


our vision statement

Bay Area Wilderness Training envisions a generation of social and environmental leaders, inspired by positive and meaningful experiences in nature, who reflect the diversity of our local community.

Our Values 

Social Justice and equity


EnvironmentAl Stewardship


Community Empowerment


our diversity, equity, & inclusion statement 

In alignment with our value of social justice, Bay Area Wilderness Training is an environmental and social justice organization committed to dismantling racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of oppression that stand in the way of all people fully participating in outdoor activities. We believe that people visiting the outdoors should be represented by the full diversity of races, genders, income levels, and other identities that exist in the San Francisco Bay Area. To create more equity and increase access to the outdoors for traditionally underrepresented communities, we prioritize services for low income youth and youth of color. We work to ensure that our programs, organizational practices, and partnerships are inclusive and support these ideals and priorities. 

Featured youth story

Hearing nature

“My favorite part was the night hike because it was fun. it was peaceful and quiet and you could hear nature.”