An Important Message from Scott Wolland

June 24, 2019

Dear BAWT Community,

The last almost seven years have been a time of growth, opportunity, and community connection. I am fortunate to have partnered with so many wonderful teachers, youth workers, staff, volunteers, youth, and funders. Over the last few months, I have been working with the BAWT Board of Advisors to shore up the organization and get it ready for new leadership. I am writing to let you know I am resigning from my position as the Executive Director at Bay Area Wilderness Training.

I have put my time, energy and my heart and soul into the work we do and at the same time recognize that leadership change is important and part of the next stage of BAWT’s evolution. I feel good about the accomplishments that have taken place while I have been here and believe BAWT and the community we serve will make great strides going forward.

Looking back at the last almost seven years, we have been able to accomplish so much together:​
-Developed astrategic plan with a new mission, vision and values to guide us into the future
-Expanded the number of youth served by over 50% in first 3 years
-Expanded course offerings and partnerships
-Opened a new gear library in SF, and expanded our reach in the South Bay
-Developed our first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

I am excited to see BAWT thrive and am available anytime to support the transition. The BAWT Board is as strong as ever and the staff are superb. Together they will succeed in taking BAWT to the next level.

Addendum:  Earth Island Institute’s Executive Director David Phillips has also added this note:”On behalf of Earth Island Institute, I applaud Scott for his dedicated tenure leading BAWT. He’s helped grow BAWT into a key player in the crucial effort to get youth outdoors. We thank him for his hard work and accomplishments and wish him great success in his next chapters. We are proud to have BAWT as part of Earth Island and look forward to helping its continued success.”You can reach me at my personal email address: or through LinkedIn.

See you on the trail,
Scott Wolland(he/him/his)Executive Director | Bay Area Wilderness Training 
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