Upon course completion, you can receive free outdoor gear loans for your group.

GO! is a short, fun evening session that supplies useful information about BAWT gear and how to request, borrow and care for outdoor equipment in our Oakland, Milpitas and San Francisco gear libraries. GO! is part of every pre-trip meeting for the Wilderness Leadership or Frontcountry Leadership Trainings. It is also available for graduates of the Camping at the Presidio Leadership Training who would like to borrow gear from our 3 BAWT gear libraries.   

gear library orientation (GO!)

This evening session ensures those who borrow gear understand our gear use policies and gear reservation system.    


High Quality Gear

BAWT gear libraries are stocked with high-quality outdoor gear, thanks to the generous support of corporate sponsors and individual donors.


Capacity to serve hundreds

Each gear library has the capacity to serve between 50-500 campers at a time with high quality sleeping bags, ground pads, tents, stoves, cookware, boots, outdoorwear and more. 


Gear for every season

Whether you’re doing a car-camping trip, backpacking adventure, day hike, or snowshoeing, we’ve got you covered.


Integral part of your training

GO! session is included with WLT and FLT courses. and is required for those that have only been CAP trained. 


For Camping at the Presidio Alumni

If you have already taken the Camping at the Presidio course, you may take the GO! class to access free gear loans from BAWT libraries for trips outside of the Presidio campground.  You will have the same access compared with taking the FLT.


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UPCOMING Courses: January 25, 2023

GLO is a 2-hour workshop for those with basic hiking & camping experience who would like to gain temporary access to BAWT’s gear library to run youth outdoor trips. GLO is held at BAWT’s Oakland gear library.

Other courses

Hiking Leadership Training

1-day course for novice and experienced hikers provides leadership and facilitation skills for planning, organizing and leading fun and safe hikes with youth.

Wilderness First Aid

WFA is a highly experiential 2-day class for everyone who wants to learn how to handle medical situations in the backcountry. You’ll gain the confidence and the skills to handle a first aid emergency.

Frontcountry Leadership Training

Our FLT is an entry-level “car camping” course that covers all the basic skills and resources needed to take youth safely and successfully on overnight trips.