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Your generous gift will go directly to support our mission, which means that we can provide our flagship Frontcountry Leadership training, Wilderness Leadership Training and our new Instructor Leadership Training  cohorts the best tools and resources available.  BAWT's programs, such as  FLT, WLT & ILT, are at low or no cost to the community leaders. This training is expensive. BAWT provides everything from operations/logistics support to ensuring all participants have the camping gear necessary through our Gear Library (The largest GL in the  country, providing gear to hundreds of trip leaders and youth every year so that everyone can have enriching outdoor experiences. 

Support BAWT and you will be  the next generation of youth advocates and outdoor, environmental, and social justice leaders. 

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To learn more about the BAWT, email Genevieve Gandal, Development, at  genevieve@bawt.org.