Earn three graduate-level semester units

You may earn 3 graduate-level semester units for completion of BAWT educational programs. This credit is provided by our partner Courses4Teachers/University of the Pacific for graduate-level professional development, salary advancement and to renew credentials.

$279 to earn credits

For more information

See complete details and register to earn 3 units at http://www.courses4teachers.net/bawt. For more information about university credit, contact courses4teachers@courses4teachers.net


The additional fee for the units is paid to our partner, Courses4Teachers/University of the Pacific. BAWT course prices are the same whether or not you are seeking credit.

How to Qualify

  • Completion of Wilderness Leadership Training (WLT).
  • Completion of Frontcountry Leadership Training (FLT) and one trip leading youth.

Volunteer with Gear Corps!

Gear Corps Volunteers can come from 10 am to 2 pm every second Saturday of the month to help with everything from inventory and maintenance projects to gear repairs. There is something for everyone to do, no matter what skill level! Sign up here.


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