Family Fund


Will you support families needing resources to get outdoors?

This year Bay Area Wilderness Training is ramping up efforts to serve youth and their families. Through the Family Fund, BAWT will lead culturally-relevant community workshops. 

Why the BAWT Family Fund?

When schools closed during the pandemic, it was up to parents to lead outdoor trips for their youth. For many families, it was their first time planning a camping trip and checking out gear from BAWT’s Gear Libraries. We’ve realized that family-adapted programming is needed to support the next generation of environmental leaders.

Why should you contribute?

Your gift will go directly to our community workshops starting this summer. Your direct action will support systems to get over 8,000 projected youth outside this year. This spring 2,000 youth are already gearing up for a trip.

Will you make a gift to the BAWT Family Fund today?

To learn more about the Family Fund or how to get involved with upcoming community workshops, email Zulma Terrones, Executive Director, at