Thank you for your interest in donating gently used items to BAWT! The Gear Library is currently operating with limited staff and we have reduced capacity to accept donations of physical items.

The Gear Library will gladly accept donations in clean, new/gently used, and completely functional condition. 

We cannot accept dirty, damaged, or non-functional items. We are currently accepting donations of the following items:

The Gear Library is not currently accepting the following items, though we may accept them in the future:

The Gear Library does not accept the following items:

When can I donate my items?

We will accept donation drop offs during our monthly Gear Corps volunteer event, the second Saturday of each month from 10am-1pm. Please be advised that we may reject items that don’t meet the conditions listed above and you will be responsible for taking home any items we do not accept as donations; we do not have space to retain items that we cannot use or process.

What should I do with camping gear I can’t donate to you?

We kindly suggest that you either give away your items within your local community via a Buy Nothing, a community free store, or a local organization near you, or you may wish to sell your gear or trade it in to an outdoor retailer and give us a cash donation with the funds. Thank you for thinking of us and the communities we serve!

Questions? Email: