gear libraries:


Upon course completion, you can borrow outdoor gear For Free.
or you can rent for a Low Cost and have your money support our mission.

Whether you’re going on a car-camping trip, backpacking adventure, or snowshoeing in the mountains, we’ve got you covered!


San Francisco, Oakland, Milpitas

Each gear library has the capacity to serve between 50-500 campers at a time with sleeping bags, ground pads, tents, stoves, cookware, clothes and more, all at no cost. Our gear libraries have everything you need for a successful trip, thanks to generous support from our corporate sponsors and individual donors.

East Bay Gear Library

1100 57th Ave Oakland, CA 94621 

Phone: (510) 425-2298


Oakland Gear Library Hours



South Bay Gear Library 

Sobrato Center, 471 Valley Way, Bldg. 1, Milpitas

Phone: (408) 797-0087

Milpitas Gear Library Hours

San Francisco Gear Library

325 La Grande Ave, San Francisco

The SF Gear Library is located within the June Jordan School for Equity. Entrance is the lower driveway on Brazil Avenue.

Phone: (415) 805-7490

San Francisco Gear Library Hours


How our gear loan system works

1. Get trained


2. read policies


3. SUBMIT Request


Be on time

Arriving on time for your pickup and dropoff is critical, as we are likely to be scheduling back-to-back appointments and we can only serve one client a time

Last Appointment

 Last Pick Up appointment available is 1 hour before closing time and Last Drop Off appointment available is 2 hours before closing time

Time slot doublebooked

If the time you requested has been filled, you will be assigned another appointment time.

Pick up takes at least an hour

Pick Up appointments will be scheduled for 1 hour (but may last longer). 

Drop-off appointments are 2 hours or more

Drop Off appointments will be scheduled for 2 hours (but may last longer). 

First book, first serve

Requests are processed in the order that they come in.  We require all requests to be made 28 days in advance of your pick up date, not your trip date.  


Bring Help

It is required to bring 1 helper for every 5 additional tents borrowed. 

download gear request forms


Complete the request form, rename it with your last name and the pickup date: Smith 4-20.xls. E-mail it to We will usually be able to confirm that we received your request within a week, and will confirm the availability of your requested gear by email.

Oakland Gear Request Form

San Francisco

Complete the request form, rename it with your last name and the pickup date: Smith 4-20.xls. E-mail it to We will usually be able to confirm that we received your request within a week, and will confirm the availability of your requested gear by email.

San Francisco Gear Request Form


Complete the request form, rename it with your last name and the pickup date: Smith 4-20.xls. E-mail it to We will usually be able to confirm that we received your request within a week, and will confirm the availability of your requested gear by email.

South Bay Gear Request Form


Please submit your gear request form to
at least 28 days before the requested pick-up date.


We have two different rental rates, one for general public and one for trained leaders that don’t meet our mission.  Email to learn about our rental rates.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are the gear libraries open?

You can count on the Gear Library to be open during the hours listed above for each library. We are closed on weekends and Federal Holidays (Presidents’ Day, MLK Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day).

Am I guaranteed to receive all of the gear requested?
We strive to meet all of your gear needs, but during our busy season we may run out of certain items. The number of available items can change day-to-day as items go out of service because they are lost or damaged. We strive to advise you of possible shortages as soon as possible, so that you can make other arrangements. In some cases, we may not be able to warn you of shortages before your scheduled pick-up appointment.
What support can I expect during my gear appointment?
Users should expect to retrieve their own gear (i.e pull from the bins), Users should NOT expect that their gear will be staged for them, although it frequently is.  During drop offs, users will organize & count all clothing, put away all gear with light direction and instruction from BAWT staff, set up tents, and re-shelve other items. You will have the help of a BAWT staff member and any Program Interns working that day, but we require that for every 5 tents you borrow you bring an extra helper to expedite the drop off process. All other gear use policies remain in effect and gear should be returned clean and dry.
What happens if I miss my drop off appointment time? Can I send someone else to pick up or drop off my gear?
The gear library is a free service, which depends on the care, responsibility, stewardship of all users. When gear is not returned on time or without the proper care, or returned by someone other than the BAWT-trained leader, it causes problems for other trip leaders who are depending on that gear. Additionally, it is disrespectful and inconsiderate to all the other teachers and youth workers who have rearranged their equally busy schedules to make gear library appointments a priority.

It is strictly against BAWT gear use policy to send an untrained person who hasn’t finished our gear library training, to pick up or drop off gear in place of you. As a consequence for either not returning your gear during your scheduled appointment time or for sending an untrained person to pick up or return your gear, BAWT staff may restrict your gear library usage and impose fines. Fines and restrictions are at the discretion of the Program Director.

Are there more pick-up and drop-off times available?

The Gear Library hours are the only times in which we can make appointments.  Please email for any questions pertaining to your schedule.  

How soon will I hear back about my request?
We aim to respond within 7 days, and usually respond in 1 to 3 business days. During our busy season (April to September), it is possible that communication could lapse. If you have not heard from us in 7 days, please call or email us.
What if I cannot pick up or drop off gear during the available pick up and drop off times?
We aim to serve as many users as possible. It is important to note that both pick up and drop off dates and times must be confirmed before picking up gear. Leaders without confirmed drop off times will not be able to borrow gear. We ask users to be flexible and to make picking up and dropping off gear a priority. This may require you to change your work schedule. If we don’t have an available appointment time for your pick up or drop off requested times, and you cannot make it to one of the available appointment times, we may not be able to serve your group.
Misuse and missed appointments may result in penalties

Examples of BAWT fines and restrictions may include:
No gear loans for 6 months or longer
$200 late fee

$200 fine for sending an untrained person
$50 fine per day for missed appointment and not rescheduling at the first available time slot
Mandatory volunteer hours in the gear library to re-establish borrowing privileges

Gear catalog

Tents & Sleeping bags

  • Tents (3, 4, and 6-person)
  • Tarps/Footprints (XS,S,M,L,XL)
  • Sleeping Bags (0-40 degree bags, sizes available: youth, regular, long)
  • Ground Pads (closed cell foam pads)



  • Double burner
  • Single burner
  • 1 Equipment damage tag bag


  • Fleece Jackets
  • Fleece Pants
  • Rain Jackets
  • Rain Pants
  • Winter Jackets (with fleece liner)
  • Snow Pants
  • Snow Gloves (waterproof)
  • Polypro Long Sleeve Tops
  • Polypro Bottoms (long underwear)
  • Fleece Gloves
  • Fleece Hats


  • Hiking Boots (men’s, women’s, and youth sizes)
  • Winter Snow Boots (waterproof and lined)
  • Snowshoes (Sizes: 22– 35)
  • Hiking socks
  • Gaiters


  • Youth
  • Women’s – S, M
  • Men’s – S, M, L
  • and Adult adjustable with capacities ranging from 55-95L

Kitchen kit

Includes all of the following and accommodates up to 30 people

  • 1 Large stock pot w/ lid
  • 1 Medium stock pot w/ lid
  • 1 Deep frying pan w/ lid
  • 1 Large frying pan
  • 2 Large mixing bowls
  • 3 Wash tubs
  • 3 Large knives w/ guards
  • 2 Small knives w/ guards
  • 1 Can opener
  • 2 Lighters
  • 2 Mallets
  • 2 Lanterns
  • 2 Dish scrubbies
  • 1 Dry towel

Water Storage

  • Water Bottles (1L)
  • Water Storage Bags/Dromedaries (2-6L)

Cooking Utensils

Many items are available in lightweight or collapsible versions for backpacking.

  • Pot Holders
  • Serving Spoons
  • Spatula, ladle, serving spoons
  • Tongs
  • Food Scrapers
  • Strainers
  • Cutting Boards
  • Cutlery (forks, knives, spoons)
  • Plates, Bowls, Mugs, Cups

What we don’t have:

  • Stove Fuel
  • Food/Snacks
  • Batteries
  • Water Purification/Water Filters
  • First Aid Kits
  • Firewood
  • S’more Kits
  • Transportation
  • Trowels
  • Sunscreen/Bug Spray
  • Toiletries/Soap
  • Head Lamps
  • Camp chairs
  • Hammocks
  • Climbing gear
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