Instructor Highlight: Miranda Fry

My name is Miranda Fry and I am a Lead Instructor, Advisory Council member and Instructor Ambassador with BAWT. I identify as an educator, artist, sister, daughter and queer mixed adventurer. I’m from the Sierra foothills, but I found community in the Bay and have been here since (15+years). 

  1. What inspires you to do the work you do?

Being outdoors helped me learn my limits and how to persevere through challenges. I believe spending one night outside can have a positive impact on anyone and increasing access for others is something I can do to support my community. 

  1. What is your connection to nature and outdoor adventure?

Nature is an unstructured, beautiful and wild place where societal constraints and expectations can fade away. It is a place that taught me how to connect and identify the things that were most important to me. I enjoy backpacking and mountain biking because it helps me explore for multiple continuous days or get to places that are further away from town.

  1. What future hopes do you have for the outdoor education industry? 

I hope that the companies that are taking people outdoors and on adventures are doing everything and more to make their programs accessible, inclusive and safe specifically for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. There are some organizations and nonprofits that are making big changes and doing good work–I want to see those organizations being celebrated and financially supported.

  1. What is your favorite BAWT memory?

My favorite BAWT memory was sleeping outside on a tarp (for the first time) between two new friends at Anthony Chabot Regional Park  10 years ago. I was awakened by a symphony of owls hooting from the eucalyptus trees surrounding our campsite. Although I was not excited to be awake, I really enjoyed being present during such a beautiful unique moment outside.