Equitable access to outdoor experiences for youth of color and low-income youth

Bay Area Wilderness Training envisions a generation of social and environmental leaders, inspired by positive and meaningful experiences in nature, who reflect the diversity of our local community.

What We Do:

Outdoor Leadership Training

We offer affordable outdoor leadership skills training for teachers and youth workers

Free Outdoor Gear Library

Free high-quality outdoor gear loaned for free for youth groups, schools and community organizations serving disadvantaged youth. 

Funding & Support

Offering scholarships for training courses, and grants to support trips with youth. Offering a supportive community of peers and guidance

Why we do what we do

We help thousands of diverse Bay Area youth get outdoors on overnight camping trips each year.
Some of them have never seen the ocean or left their neighborhoods. 


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Outward Bound Youth Service Day

Bay Area Wilderness Training recently partnered with Outward Bound to host a service-learning how-to day at our Oakland Gear Library!  These youth are part of California Outward Bound’s Youth Leadership Corps, which brings Bay Area high school students together...

Engaging Youth at the Brower Youth Awards

Bay Area Wilderness Training staff and volunteers had a great time engaging with youth at the 2019 Brower Youth Awards Ceremony!  The Brower Youth Awards recognizes outstanding and emerging youth leaders representing accomplishments across the full spectrum of...

Climbing for Kids 2019 Recap

The summer of 2019 was the third summer for CSAA and AON employees of Northern California to participate in Climbing for Kids. A huge shout out to BAWT Board Member David Sheridan who spent countless hours planning trips, leading his colleagues and friends up Half...

Summer 2019 Wilderness Leadership Trainings

This past summer, BAWT trained 20 educators and youth workers on two different Wilderness Leadership Trainings (WLT), and 5 educators and youth workers on a Hiking Leadership Training (HLT). WLT Course participants spent five days in the backcountry in either Henry...

Featured youth worker


 “I think it is very important for more youth to have the chance to experience the outdoors. Experiencing the outdoors for me was my ticket to cleaning my life up, and I think that this can be the case for more youth; they just need the opportunity to see it.” 

– Terry Roy, Outdoor Coordinator, BAWT FLT Alumni

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