Earn three graduate-level semester units

You may earn 3 graduate-level semester units for completion of BAWT educational programs. This credit is provided by our partner Courses4Teachers/University of the Pacific for graduate-level professional development, salary advancement and to renew credentials.

For more information

See complete details and register to earn 3 units at http://www.courses4teachers.net/bawt. For more information about university credit, contact courses4teachers@courses4teachers.net


The additional cost to earn course credits for a BAWT course is $279. The additional fee for the units is paid to our partner, Courses4Teachers/University of the Pacific. BAWT course prices are the same whether or not you are seeking credit.

How to Qualify

  • Completion of Wilderness Leadership Training (WLT).
  • Completion of Frontcountry Leadership Training (FLT) and one trip leading youth.