Engaging Youth at the Brower Youth Awards

Bay Area Wilderness Training staff and volunteers had a great time engaging with youth at the 2019 Brower Youth Awards Ceremony! 

The Brower Youth Awards recognizes outstanding and emerging youth leaders representing accomplishments across the full spectrum of the environmental movement. The awards ceremony is a time to share the stories of these amazing young leaders and inspire environmental activism amongst an audience of youth from all over the Bay Area. BAWT had the opportunity to engage with the audience of young folks through tabling and interactive games before the event kicked off. 

Attendees played an interactive “What Am I? What Am I Used For?” activity, where they were challenged to figure out what some odd-looking outdoor items were. The items; a bear canister, a wilderness splint, backcountry burner stove, and lastly a hand-pump water filter. The youth had a great time testing their wits and learning more about the outdoor gear we rent out and what the gear is used for. 

Many of the young folks left excited about what they learned and especially excited to tell their teachers about the training courses and free gear rentals we provide.

A special thanks to our incredible volunteers, Stuart and Anna Marie, as we could not have had such a successful tabling event without their support!