Summer 2019 Wilderness Leadership Trainings

This past summer, BAWT trained 20 educators and youth workers on two different Wilderness Leadership Trainings (WLT), and 5 educators and youth workers on a Hiking Leadership Training (HLT). WLT Course participants spent five days in the backcountry in either Henry Coe State Park or the Sierra. Participants learned camping skills, safety & navigation skills, and leadership skills.

Itzel Gomez, a program associate with Earth Team, took the WILT course in late June in the Sierra. Here are few words describing her experience:

“Growing up I wasn’t taught that the wilderness was a place that could ever feel like home. After five days on my first ever backpacking trip, our WLT leaders inspired in me a new found confidence and reassurance that I belong in the outdoors just as much as anyone else. The impact that this course has had on me is one I am eager to share with others. In the coming year I will be seeking opportunities to provide these first experiences to family, friends, and the youth I work with.”

If you’d like to participate in a BAWT outdoor leadership skills course, check out our course offerings below, or click here.

September 28-29th FLT (East Bay)

October 12-13th FLT (South Bay)

October 26th HLT (South Bay)

Santa Clara County Scholarships – Do you work with youth in Santa Clara County? You’re eligible to take a BAWT course for free, thanks to the Open Space Authority. Spots are still available on our fall courses, sign up soon to get your scholarship!