Introductory backcountry skills:

  • Map reading and navigation
  • Safety & risk management
  • Backcountry cooking

BAWT Methodology: 

  • Cohort peer to peer learning
  • Group facilitation & dynamics
  • Cultural relevance through outdoor experiences

GLO training: 

  • Equipment use & care
  • 1 year Access to BAWT Gear Library
  • Clothing requirements

Pillars of the Program

Mission Registration


Meets criteria:

More than 80% of the youth attending the school or served by the organization identify as youth of color

More than 40% of the youth attending the school or served by the organization qualify for free or reduced lunch programs

General Registration


Does not meets criteria:

Less than 80% of the youth attending the school or served by the organization identify as youth of color

Less than 40% of the youth attending the school or served by the organization qualify for free or reduced lunch programs

Please check with your school administrator or nonprofit director to determine if your school or organization meet at least one of the criteria.
If you don’t know if your school meets these criteria you can run a report on the California Department of Education site here.
If you have questions about which registration type you qualify for please email or call 510-452-2298 extension 301
Limited resources? Find out more about our Summit Scholarship.

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Who is it for?

Anyone working with youth.  

Develop your personal outdoor leadership skills and
learn how to make outdoor experiences an integral part of your work.


  • Teachers
  • In School aids
  • Principals

After School Programs

  • After school site-coordinators
  • After school line staff
  • Coaches

Youth workers

  • Directors of youth agencies
  • Nonprofit organization youth leaders
  • Anyone who works or volunteers with youth or works on behalf of youth

High quality training and gear

G et high quality training and the gear you and your group need for a successful backpacking or camping trip.

Social justice nonprofit

O ur goal is to help create equitable access to the outdoors for marginalized youth

Over 10,000 trained

O ver the years, we have trained over 10,000 teachers, youth workers, troop leaders and after-school program leaders.

Comparable training to more pricier options

O ther week-long outdoor courses can cost thousands of dollars.

Access to one-of-a-kind gear library

Remove barriers to entry, gain access to top notch outdoor gear, for you and your group, for free.


Youth Served in 2019


Youth trips in 2018


Leaders trained in 2018


Training courses in 2018

Facts & Questions

I've never been camping? Can I take the WLT?

Yes, we will give you the skills you need to take  your youth out camping.  From using our equipment to tips on how to manage youth while camping, we have you covered!

Do I need to be fit? What kind of people take this course?

A wide array of folks take this course.  Whether you are sedentary, active, or very active, we will accomodate to the needs of the group.

Do I need to bring anything?

We will send you a packing list and what you don’t have, we can likely provide because that’s what we do!

What if I can't afford it?

We offer a two tiered pricing for all of our courses and if that is still out of budget, we have a few scholarships for each course.  Go ahead and apply!

Another affordable option is taking our Frontcountry Leadership Training . This is a great way to get started and learn all the basic skills you will need to successfully take youth on car-camping based overnight trips, sparking their interest in the outdoors!

What about first aid training?

Get your  Wilderness First Aid training . Before you can lead backpacking trips you will also need to complete and keep current your Wilderness First Aid certification. You can take the course with us or with many other companies. Foster Calm, Ready SF, NOLS, Wilderness Medical Associates, and many more.

What if I want to lead a trip to the snow?

If you want to borrow snowshoes, and to learn about snow safety, please sign up for our annual  Snowshoe course Snowshoe course .

What if I don't work for a school or organization?

Our courses are designed and reserved for youth workers.  If you work with a group of youth at any capacity, feel free to register for our courses!  If you would like to get involved in another way, check out our volunteer  Gear Corps  which happens every second Wednesday of the month!

Other Courses

Hiking Leadership Training

1-day course for novice and experienced hikers provides leadership and facilitation skills for planning, organizing and leading fun and safe hikes with youth.

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Wilderness First Aid

WFA is a highly experiential 2-day class for everyone who wants to learn how to handle medical situations in the backcountry. You’ll gain the confidence and the skills to handle a first aid emergency.

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Leadership Training

Our FLT is an entry-level “car camping” course that covers all the basic skills and resources needed to take youth safely and successfully on overnight trips.

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